The year 1997 saw the introduction of a new headwear wholesaler to the promotional industry. Based in Cape Town, we offered quality headwear at competitive prices to accompany our market leading customer service.

Apparel was added to our range of products in 2012 to become a Headwear and Apparel wholesaler. Based on our same 3 pillars of strength, for which we are known in the market place, QUALITY- COMPETITIVE PRICING & UNRIVALLED SERVICE, we have become an apparel supplier to take notice of.

Fast FWRD to 2019 and a new brand has emerged, FWRD Headwear and Apparel.

With national representation, either direct or through distributors, we remain a strictly trade only supplier and now afford you, our esteemed customer, the means to market our product directly to your clients.

Proudly South African with an Italian flair, we are constantly striving to improve by introducing new variations in style, fabrication, colour and silhouettes to keep us and our clients up to date with the latest trends. We are excited to move FWRD with you by our side.